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Who Are We

Synergy Physicians help healthcare organizations meet their medical staffing needs with skilled and experienced professionals.  Each Synergy Physician is board certified and fully credentialed, many with multi-state licenses.

Our physicians consider themselves part of a team whose goal is to provide the best possible care to each patient in every medical setting.  Whether working in a hospital, ER, ICU, Post Acute Care, Rehab, Out-Patient Care or Telemedicine setting, our professionals can meet all your medical staffing needs.

If you are a healthcare facility that is seeking quality physicians, please contact us.
Together we can assure that your patients receive the quality care they deserve.

As a physician-owned group, we are always seeking top quality doctors to expand to our team.  We offer a positive work environment and greater control over locations and schedules. Our physicians are freed from the administrative hassles of running individual offices.  This allows our physicians to focus solely on patient care.

If you are a physician who is interested in joining Synergy Physicians,
send us your contact information and CV.
We will get back to you by phone or email with information on how to proceed.

Mission  Statement

Synergy Physicians are focused on improving patient health and experience of care, while reducing the costs of health care.

Our People /  Our Culture

We at Synergy Physicians believe the highest quality of healthcare is achieved when everyone involved works together in a collaborative manner. As a physician-owned group, we cultivate a supportive and positive work environment for our employees. 
This yields the best possible results not only for our company as a whole, but also for each of our physicians as well as each of
the facilities that utilize our services. When staff, physicians, and facilities work together we best achieve our common goal of
quality care and patient satisfaction.

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